Monday, October 3, 2016

Day 2
Friday September 9, 2016

I’m feeling more tugging!  And I have to admit my teeth are a little sore but taking Motrin helps a lot and I really am not aware of the braces. Sleeping was awkward because I have worn a bite guard for nearly 30 years (remember what I said about needing braces because my bite has been abused with tooth clenching and grinding for a long time?) When you are used to sleeping a certain way for 30 years, your brain knows something is different so sleep was not restful. In spite of
this, I got up at my regular time of 4:30 am for the first ‘test’ of the effect of my braces on lifestyle activities that I enjoy (besides eating). Today it was swimming. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel in the pool trying to maintain rhythmic breathing with a mouth full of hardware. Not a problem! I put in my full workout and was ready to take on the day!

After swimming on Tuesday and Friday,teach dental students at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and in the process, do a lot of talking. Admittedly, my cheeks rubbing against the braces took a toll and by the end of the day, having forgotten all about my stash of Motrin, I was pretty sore.
On a scale of 1-10, it was a 7. When I lunched midday with my colleagues, the omelet that I customized with soft grilled peppers, tomatoes and cheese was difficult to chew. The chef threw in some wonderful mushrooms that I didn’t order but was happy to (try to) enjoy.  But, it turned out that they were too dense to chew. I had to pretty much let the small pieces of omelet slither past my teeth without chewing. Indeed, my teeth were sore. But I did not leave the table hungry and I was already planning an easy treat to eat later in the day. There are suitable food rewards in this process and ‘frozen dairy product (FDP for
short) is on that list. Whether it is ice cream, fro-yo or Dairy Queen, as long as you don’t crunch the cone, it’s endorsed by Dr. Jusino!


  1. Before you started your journey, I too have been considering this but also thinking, I am fifty something too and why start now? Well you certainly have given me some food for thought. Not that I have totally committed to getting them but I am seriously thinking about it and that is more than just a passing thought. I want to say thank you, I think, because this blog you decided to start came at a perfect time. Good luck and may the MOTRIN be with you. See you soon. Veronica

    1. Why do it now? The answer is simple. Whatever you see or feel right now that has you thinking about orthodontics will only continue to change and get worse. Letting it get worse will make the orthodontic process take longer and may not achieve the same result if you start sooner than later. I had been thinking about it for only nine months. When I finally decided it was time and announced it to my husband-dentist, his response was 'thank goodness'. He was concerned about my bite and how it was making it very difficult to have ideal outcomes when he was doing my dental work.