Monday, October 24, 2016

Day 26
Monday, October 3, 2016

It has been a quiet two weeks with no broken brackets and a greater confidence in my food choices. I find I gravitate towards soft foods like ground meats, fish and chopped stir-fry or well cooked vegetables. Forget bite does not work well enough to grind up all the pieces and parts found in a salad. Planning for meals has been a little challenging because after a while, for people around me without braces on their teeth, looking at another plate of ground, soft or finely diced foods can be boring.  My husband is a good cook and has been very mindful of my need to select my diet carefully to avoid breaking my ‘hardware’. The trade-off with soft/ground/diced foods is to cook something meatier, knowing that it’s just going to take me longer to cut pieces into the proper size and eat my meal!

I have to admit that balancing a snack with braces is hard to
do. Not only is eating a compelling reason to find a toothbrush immediately, but also there are few snack-foods-on-the-go that are on the allowed list. True confessions here: I have a sweet tooth. When I get that mid-morning ‘low’ and need a boost, even a few M&M’s feel too hard and crunchy. After a little thought, I discovered that Junior Mints are just the thing on the go. They are soft and packed with that boost that can keep me going until lunch at 1. I have my serving and then immediately brush. Candy has a lot of sugar so it’s important to dilute it and brush it away promptly so it won’t harm the enamel around the brackets and cause white spots or worse, decay. Dr. Jusino will be very pleased with your oral health care!

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