Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day 4
Sunday September 11, 2016
Progress! My tooth tenderness is decreasing by the hour and a dose of Motrin is far from my thoughts.

I forgot to mention yesterday’s lifestyle changing experience: a trip to the apple orchard for our fall ritual of apple picking. Part of the fun is deciding which apples to pick….Empire? Gala? Jonathan? I can never remember from year to year and always rely on picking ones from the trees for an on-the-spot taste test. That process was out of the question for me. Not only is biting into a whole apple one of the forbidden activities ( as demonstrated here by my daughter) because it breaks brackets but also, even if it were allowed, the firm fruit would definitely be uncomfortable to bite with tender teeth. Not to dismay! With apple orchards come cider mills and fresh DONUTS…..warm, soft, cinnamony, yummy donuts that literally melt in your mouth! Let’s just say the donut consumption on this day was an epic event! Who needs to eat whole apples when there are fresh donuts to eat?!

Today’s lifestyle experiment was running. I am an aging triathlete who has not quite retired from training for the sport though I have not raced an event for several years. But swimming and running (and biking) are all part of the training program and I wondered how ortho brackets and wires would feel when one is hot and parched on a long run. Once again I was really surprised. I imagined my dry mouth sticking to every nook, cranny and corner created by the wires and brackets leaving permanent indentations in my cheeks but nothing of the sort happened! Oh, Happy Day! Maybe it was because of the Dr. Jusino t-shirt I wore!  I needed to rehydrate after the run but there were no sustained ill effects in my mouth.  Life is GOOD!

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