Thursday, November 3, 2016

Day 56
Thursday November 3, 2016
End of week 8

My teeth have been very comfortable for the past two weeks and I have ventured into more dense, firm foods in my diet that my teeth tolerate very well.I have an appointment coming up next week with  Dr. Jusino and I am anxious to see what's next.
As a dentist, I can appreciate the subtle changes in the positions of my teeth that are evident from day to day. Sometimes it is a visual change and other times it is something I perceive with my bite as different teeth move into or out of contact. Considering that a change in my bite was one of the biggest motivators for me to pursue orthodontics, I am happy with what I am feeling.
Next Monday, I return to Dr. Jusino for my first follow-up appointment. I will be evaluated in several categories regarding 'patient compliance'. The most significant one to me is oral hygiene: how well am I doing keeping the brackets and wires clean and my gum tissues healthy. I am hoping for a top score of "5" since my night time routine is now embedded into my lifestyle. I have the flossing down from eight and a half minutes to just under six minutes (while carrying on a conversation). 
While there are many aids to flossing, nothing beats the feel of squeaky clean teeth that I get from using Superfloss. It is a stiff floss-threader, stretchy fuzzy filament and plain floss all connected into a single strand for easy use. The stiff end is threaded under the wires, then the other parts are gently teased between the teeth for cleaning. I always floss before brushing to loosen up debris. By the time I finish rinsing, flossing, brushing and applying fluoride, my teeth are Clean and the brackets sparkle.

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