Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday January 16, 2017
Week 19

Last week I told you about my new rectangular wire and elastics so now it is time to report on my adjustment to these additions to my hardware. Dr. Jusino and my assistant, Mary Margaret, both informed me that my teeth were going to be sore for 5-7 days and that I would want to eat a soft diet. When I left the office I felt the tugging on my teeth from both the wire and the elastics which was to be expected. Within an hour I noticed that my bite felt different (ever changing, ever improving) and made me realize that the tugging and pulling was becoming uncomfortable and it was time for some ibuprofen. 400 mg and about 15 minutes later I felt just fine.

After 24 hours, the most notable change I could identify was from the elastics rubbing against the inside corners of my mouth. True confession here: my oral tissues were very sore...but not so much that it interfered with eating. Previously, I wrote about a connection between sore tissues and sugar consumption so this time, I was careful about my diet to keep sugars to a minimum. This helped a lot. I also used a wonderful mouth rinse called Healthy Gums which has aloe as a significant ingredient. It soothed the tissues and aided in healing. Once I began using it several times a day, the soreness disappeared in 36 hours. It is an over-the-counter product and can be purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Make sure to take a coupon to get 20% off!
I'd like to make a comment about the ibuprofen I used this time. It was the Walgreen's house brand, labeled as ibuprofen sodium and gluten free. As more people are recognizing a personal intolerance to gluten (me being one of them), anything they consume can trigger a response if it is not gluten-free. People think about looking for gluten-free foods but don't consider gluten-containing binders that are used in products such as pain relievers. Walgreens has begun to label house brands that are gluten-free. Their ibuprofen sodium is a formulation of ibuprofen that is chemically more active than traditional ibuprofen, is absorbed more rapidly and takes effect sooner. Perhaps that's why I felt so good just 15 minutes after taking the ibuprofen sodium. It costs a bit more for the rapid onset feature but I was willing to pay the premium for the gluten-free element of the product. The next time you find yourself in a discussion with family, friends or co-workers about the quickly emerging gluten-free element of our society, you can impress them with your knowledge of how to identify gluten-free products outside the realm of food for consumption.

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