Monday, January 2, 2017

Monday January 2, 2017
Middle of Week 17

Happy New Year!
Several inquiries have come my way about my blogging lapse along with comments that people have missed my entries. There are still many things to update but life has gotten in the way. Mostly, though, it has been the Christmas holidays that have kept me away from 'blogging about my braces'. I am back on track and will try to post something on a weekly basis moving forward.
Somehow my comments continue to focus on what to eat or in this case, what Not to eat.

During the holidays, many people and businesses send treats to our office as a way of saying thank you for the care and support we have provided during the year. Most of the goodies were of the sticky,gooey, brace-busting type which I quickly dismissed, being protective of my dental hardware. Around the 15th of December this large tin of popcorn arrived as a gift from, none other than, Dr. Jusino. Ugh! Caramel corn is my favorite and this container had a generous amount of it. Every time I passed it in our office kitchen, I heard it calling my name but resisted the temptation! 

The holidays also provided reinforcement to another theme from an earlier blog. I'm feeling there is a direct relationship between the amount/concentration of sugar I consume and the comfort level of my oral tissues. On days that I had 'quite a few' sweet treats, I noticed canker sores start to develop around some of the more prominent areas of my brackets. I would have to research the 'physiology' behind this phenomenon in order to explain how it happens but until I do, I am convinced that keeping my sugar consumption to a minimum will be the ideal solution to preventing the development of sores. Teenage orthodontic patients may not be bothered by sugar consumption but I'm confident it is a factor for adults to consider during orthodontic treatment.
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