Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday January 23, 2017
Week 20

I am very happy with my orthodontic progress thus far. It is particularly interesting to note that the care I am receiving is top-notch. Dr. Jusino's office runs on-schedule and everyone who works there is well informed, pleasant and professional. As a clinician, I have always received positive feedback from my patients about the care they receive and the quality communication that is provided to them. Dr. Jusino sends regular updates to all of his referring dentists so they are well informed about the progress of care for each of their patients. This is very important and helpful to me and my team. 
Regarding my own personal care, I mentioned earlier how I Love 'my' assistant at Dr. Jusino's office, Mary Margaret, who has worked there for over ten years. I don't know if she has been 'assigned' to me or if I just luck-out every time I am scheduled to have her provide my care that is directed by Dr. Jusino.

This is a photo of Mary Margaret, on the left, at Dr. Jusino's Holiday Skating Party at Bonaventure Skating Rink in Farmington Hills. Judy, in the middle, has been with Dr. Jusino Forever. The Holiday Skating Party was held this past December 2 for the 28th consecutive year. All of Dr. Jusino's patients, family and friends are invited to the party and if they choose to bring a gift of food or toys, they are donated to the Farmington Goodfellows for distribution to needy families in the community. I remember coming to this with my kids 'back in the day' when they were undergoing orthodontic treatment and it was always a lot of fun. I recall that back then, Dr. Jusino and his entire team were on rollerblades, out on the floor with all the kids. I didn't see any of the All-Star team on skates this year. Perhaps there were too many people on the rink?????
While I was at the skating party and, no, I was Not on skates, I was introduced to a couple who are parents of one of Dr. Jusino's patients and who are both all too rare combination. As it turns out, I met the husband once before and discovered that we both teach at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. Mom practices in Royal Oak. We had a delightful time sharing stories. Even though none of us were skating, we still had a great time. Thank you, Dr. Jusino for sponsoring this wonderful event and  community service opportunity for us. 

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