Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday February 13, 2017
Week 23

Today I have a few random thoughts to share. The first is that as I continue to be diligent about wearing my elastics, my teeth continue to surprise me with their movement. I even had a couple of days last week when they were really sore, for no obvious reason. They were sore enough that I took 400 mg of ibuprofen and got plenty of relief.
The second thing to share is the improvement in my flossing efficiency. I have felt for several weeks that the process of feeding Superfloss under the arch wire between each tooth has become less time consuming. Last week I decided to time the process and was amazed at my speed. Check out the's legit and included a few additional seconds that were recorded while I fumbled with the phone to stop the timer. This is a huge improvement from mid November when was just under 6 minutes.
The last thing I want to share is how the elastics feel when I am training. My significant winter activity is US Masters Swimming, in the pool several time each week and competing on the occasional weekend.  February 4 I trained with my group from FAST (Ford Athletic Swim and Tri Club) for 90 minutes covering 2900 yards (that's about a mile and a half) and the following day I swam four events in a competition meet for another 1600 yards. With all that intense pool time and exposure to chlorine, I noticed the elastics started to squeak when I talked. Yes, I had been swapping out the spent elastics for new ones every 5-6 hours but I still had the squeak, though I was the only one who noticed. 
Mary Margaret at Dr. Jusino's office mentioned that other swimmers have commented in the past about squeaky

elastics while pool swimming and now I can add that experience to my journal of events during orthodontic treatment. In the photo above I am showing off four ribbons; a second place in the 500 yard freestyle and first place in the 100 yard breaststroke, 200 yard breaststroke and 200 yard backstroke. It is significant to note these are all age-group awards which is what I like best about Master's Swimming!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday February 6, 2017
Week 22

I continue to be amazed at the effects the elastics are having on my bite and my appearance. I Like what I see and it's happening Fast. My biggest challenge is to keep in mind what Mary Margaret, Dr. Jusino's assistant, told me; "take the elastics out only for ten minutes when you eat a meal or brush your teeth and remember to put them back in right away". I am a slow eater and with all this hardware in my mouth, I'm even slower now, taking care not to bite my lips. So, my elastics might be out for 30 minutes at a time...but I am diligent about putting them back in place (with a fresh set!) when the meal is over. Since things continue to change, I have to believe that my system is working. I'll find out for sure at my next visit when I am 'evaluated' (numerically scored) for compliance with elastics. I'm hoping for a "1" !
Today's entry is brief so I am using it to give a 'shout-out' to all of my adult patients who are also undergoing orthodontic treatment. I am pictured here with Marylou, who gave hearty consent for the use of her photo in my blog. When she was in the office recently and saw my 'new' brackets in place, she welcomed me into the Club. As adults, we are kindred spirits in this process and feel a connection with one another because we 'get-it'.  We understand the commitment, we understand the challenges and we understand the benefits to be reaped. As more of my patients see me wearing my brackets with pride, more of them are taking our adult-orthodontic recommendations to heart; if they are not yet making the commitment, they are a little closer to embracing the long-term health benefits that can be achieved.  As I told one person recently, there is no self-interest in my recommending orthodontic treatment for them; Dr. Clark and I do not provide orthodontic treatment in our office so the only benefit is truly for the patient!