Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday June 6, 2017
Week 39
It's been five weeks since my last visit to Dr. Jusino and my last blog entry. New elastics in a different configuration required only a small adjustment period of three days. Mary Margaret said three days and she was spot-on with her prediction. 
When she first showed me how to lace and wrap the new elastic configuration, I was mystified but, like all normal people, expressed confidence in my ability to reproduce the arrangement at home. It wasn't as easy as I thought and it took a lot of practice to get it right. Even as a dentist with great hand-eye coordination, I found it challenging which made me understand how difficult it could be for other orthodontic patients.
Since my last appointment, I haven't had the visual feedback about my progress when looking in the mirror but I know things are moving properly because I 'feel' the difference in my bite. Since my incentive to pursue orthodontic treatment was bite improvement, I am happy. The esthetics keeps changing and getting better and better. For me, that's a bonus and one that I am happy to embrace!
On the lighter side, when you become a patient with Dr. Jusino, he gives you several products and materials to help with your treatment while away from the office; an electric toothbrush, Platypus flossers, fluoride gel, wax AND a really nice t-shirt. Dr. Jusino offers many incentives for patients to remain engaged with the orthodontic process and one of those incentives is 'wooden nickels'. With each visit, patients are given wooden nickels based on their oral hygiene,care of their appliances and overall cooperation. The higher the patient scores in each of these categories, the greater the number of nickels they receive. Patients accumulate nickels over time and trade them in for nice prizes such as gift cards, movie tickets or toys. I have heard rumors that he give a bonus nickel for wearing the Smile Engineer t-shirt to appointments. Since I usually come from a professional engagement (teaching at the university or treating patients in my office), the t-shirt cannot be part of my attire for the day.
Nonetheless, I find opportunities to wear the shirt running or working outside. Pictured here, I am wearing the shirt over Memorial Day weekend when I helped my brother dig a 3 foot trench around the inside of his new pole barn in order to place sheets of styrofoam insulation. I smiled for the photo but it was otherwise hard work. The weekend was not all work and no play because I was able to spend three peaceful hours on the AuSable River alone in a kayak. Yes, I am wearing my elastics! Do you notice the change in my smile? I do!
Life is Good! 

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