Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tuesday November 28, 2017
Week 64
Month 14

Welcome to the week after Thanksgiving! Today was a check up appointment with Dr. Jusino and I was anxious to see how well he approved of my midline. When Mary Margaret took off the wires to allow me to brush, she noticed how nicely the teeth were aligned. She even said to me quietly "maybe, just maybe he will think you’re done".  I told her I wasn’t confident in her prediction because he still has another  10 months of ‘cushion’ in his predicted time of treatment to find additional ways to achieve perfection….and that I was willing to be patient. 
Dr. Jusino was INDEED pleased with the midline and spent a lot of time looking at the bite. When Dr. Jusino looks intently at things, he is very quiet and doesn’t give you ANY clue to what he’s thinking. In the end, he acknowledged the significant progress and said "now let’s see if we can keep them there". I was instructed to return to wearing elastics on each side to balance the position of the teeth. HOWEVER, Dr. Jusino told me to "keep an eye on the midline and if it starts to move, stop wearing the elastic on the left for a few days”.  I thought this was kinda cool because it made me feel like I was making some of the assessment and decisions about my tooth movement. I’m not too proud to admit that, as a dentist, not being in the ‘driver’s seat’ in this process is really hard. Dentists are used to being take-charge decision makers and to be in control. It is professionally humbling to let someone else be in charge. Over the past 14 months, the  respect for Dr. Jusino’s skills I have developed over the years has been affirmed as a patient under his care. I give him a 5 Star rating!

The photos on today's blog are the results of our afternoon of decorating our office for the holidays. Each year, on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we close the office for the afternoon, unload the storage locker across town holding our decorating treasures and set to work like Santa's elves transforming our work-home into a Christmas wonderland. It takes 10 people 5 hours to get the work done but for the next 5 weeks, we work each day filled with Holiday Spirit!

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