Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tuesday November 7, 2017
Week 61
Month 14

Good News about my midline! Continued use of the single elastic has NOT pulled the midline away from the perfect alignment I reported two weeks ago. I seems that the teeth are in an acceptable ‘holding pattern’. I am anxious to have Dr. Jusino see what has been accomplished so quickly.Maybe I am close to being done, way ahead of schedule?!

I thought I’d share an observation unique to those going through orthodontics, specifically those who are wearing elastics. The observation is this: single loose elastics show up in the strangest places. I have found them frequently on the floor around waste baskets and trash cans, likely because they have the incredible ability to Bounce. You can aim for a trash can and they bounce out onto the floor. The trick is to put your hand close to the trash container before releasing your grasp. If they have a shorter distance to fall, they have less inertia to bounce out. Other places I have found them include the floor of the car, in the bottom of my reusable lunch bag, in the bottom of my purse, in coat pockets, in the dishwasher (must have been left on a dinner plate), in the washing machine, BEHIND the washing machine and sitting on a shelf in the refrigerator! 

The best explanation for these odd sightings is because the elastics are manufactured in a way that several are stuck together in clumps and need to be separated for use. The separation process can unknowingly fling them to far-away places. But, I still can figure out how one ended up in the refrigerator. Does anyone else out there have an odd place for elastics to add to my list?  Comment on this post to add your odd elastic sighting!

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