Monday, January 29, 2018

Tuesday October 24, 2017
Week 59
Month 13

Last time I wondered how a single elastic could pull my upper teeth enough to center the midline.  I’m happy to report that it works like a charm!  It’s only been two weeks but the midlines are now centered. That was FAST! Since I have four more weeks to wait until my next appointment, I hope the movement doesn’t continue and ‘overshoot’ the goal. Stay tuned.

Regarding Oral Hygiene my own patients who are treated by Dr. Jusino pass through my office, I compare notes with them about their oral hygiene scores. Whether teens or adults, they all agree that achieving a 5 Star rating, even once, is an elusive goal. Even parents who supervise their child’s brushing and care of their braces are surprised that they don’t ever seem to achieve a 5. I asked one of the All-Star Team members at Dr. Jusino’s office about this frustration and I was told that Dr. Jusino believes ‘there’s always room for improvement”. Usually I would agree with this philosophy but I honestly can’t imagine how I can do any better. I might just have to frame my one 5 Star report because it may become a historical document!
I will concede the fact that while my teeth and braces are plaque free and the tissues are pink and healthy, the teeth are not without stain from my daily cups of tea. Perhaps the stain is what is holding back my scores. Admittedly, the single Five Star rating I received was the day I had the wires removed for my professional cleaning. My hygienist, Michele, worked her magic to polish off the remnants of green tea and they sparkled when I returned to Dr. Jusino's office for the wires to be replaced.  This is something to ponder. 

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