Friday, February 2, 2018

Tuesday January 2, 2018
Week 69
Month 16

Happy New Year! 
 It has been a wonderful Christmas Holiday season and while we are back to work today, the festivities continue with a few more parties and celebrations that center on family and food! One thing I noticed during the days of intense celebration was the tendency to 'graze' all day, from one buffet offering to the next. This posed a problem with my elastics, needing to wear them 23 out of 24 hours to maintain tooth stability while wanting to indulge in grazing as though it was an Olympic event (for 23 out of 24 hours!). I managed to find a balance between wearing the elastics while eating softer foods and needing to remove them for things that required serious chewing. If you wear them while eating, they will stretch out more quickly and should be replaced more often. I found myself replacing them every couple of hours to make sure I still felt the gentle tugging. I kept an eye on the midlines to make sure the alignment did not change. Dr. Jusino will let me know next week if I was successful.  

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