Sunday, February 4, 2018

Tuesday January 23, 2018
Week 72
Month 16
T-30 days

Every day I wake up and know I am one day closer to D-Day with Dr. Jusino. Exactly thirty days from today on February 22, my braces come off! Dr. Jusino took an impression of my lower teeth so he can (personally) make my lower retainer.

It's called a 'fixed lingual wire' and is bonded to the back of the lower front teeth to hold them firmly in place. For me, as an adult, I will keep this retainer bonded to the teeth for the rest of my life. The lower front teeth have the skinniest roots and are the ones most likely to relapse. Having a retainer that does not move in and out of the mouth give these teeth the best chance for long term stability.While you have to learn how to floss under the wire, it will be far easier to floss between 6 teeth than 28 teeth like I have been doing since September 2016. Of course I am looking forward to my new smile with straighter teeth and better bite but I am REALLY looking forward to not having to thread floss under the wires around Every tooth at night. HOORAY!

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