Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thursday March 8, 2018
Week 2 after D-Day

Life is Good!
Here are some random thoughts that went through my head after the braces were removed.

....oh, my gosh! I forgot to put my elastics in! Oh, wait! I don't have to wear them anymore... teeth feel naked! it Really true? My braces are off? I am actually Done?!
....ugh, I'm off to bed and have to Floss...Oh! Wait! The braces are Off! Flossing is going to be a breeze!
....nuts? I can eat nuts? Pass the bag of almonds!

These photo collages were graciously supplied by Dr. Jusino and represent the 'Before and After' appearance of my teeth, bite, facial profile and smile. If you can ignore the droopy chin and eyebrow asymmetries ( I guess I need a new esthetician) of this now 60-something orthodontic 'project', you should be able to see what was accomplished over 17 months of treatment. 
See if you can identify the following: 1) The change in the midline of the upper and lower front teeth. 
2) The change in the curvature/alignment of the upper front teeth.
3) The change in the curvature/alignment of the lower front teeth.  
4) The change in the position of the lower second bicuspid relative to the lower first molar..this one is tough; hint: look at the middle photos on the right side of the collages. 
5) The difference in length of the upper front teeth. 
6) The change in overlap of the upper front teeth with the lower front teeth.  
These may seem like small changes but collectively they result in a more balanced bite, profile and smile. The outcome was well worth the time invested and the effort expended modifying my lifestyle to achieve this goal.

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  1. Your teeth look wonderful. I get mine off on Wednesday, April 18th. Can't wait to see the difference.